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The Heal Space is Expanding

For over a half year now, The Heal Space has served women of color within the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Every 1st Sunday of the month, our founder Jay Dean has facilitated The Heal Space - healing circle at Walnut Way. These sessions are intimate, immersive and transformative and have aided women of color developing a mindfulness practice while providing them with tools to actively nurture their self-care through journaling, meditation and transparent conversation.

It has really helped me take back over my emotions and focus on joy instead of sadness and depression all the time. ~ Heal Space attendee

Beginning in May, The Heal Space will be adding new classes:

Daily morning meditation classes from 6am -7am as well as outdoor classes and a monthly Chicago class.

"It's really important to me that these things; wellness and spirituality and tools to heal ourselves and our community be accessible. I haven't seen this in the way I know we deserve to experience it so I decided to create it myself. We deserve this. We deserve wholeness and joy and healing. I want us to know and embody that and for me, this is where it starts." ~ Jay Dean, Founder of The Heal Space

In addition to the growing schedule of classes The Heal Space will also be hosting its first of many wellness retreats. The Healed and Aligned retreat is a 5 days and 4 nights wellness retreat which will take place in Lake Pepin at a beautiful Lake House.



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