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The Heal Space is a holistic wellness company founded by Jay Dean in 2018 after noticing a lack of quality wellness experiences and resources being offered in her community.


You may have learned that it takes a long time to recover from difficult experiences, or that there is only a single path to connect with God, the Divine, or Source.


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You've carried the belief that mindfulness practices, the integration of holistic healing modalities and truly living a life of bliss and total well-being is reserved for everyone else except you.

It's time to change that belief and open yourself up to the possibilities.


At The Heal Space, we believe that everyone deserves to experience the benefits of mindfulness practices, holistic healing modalities, and a life of joy and fulfillment.


We are dedicated to providing you with the guidance, resources, and support you need to incorporate these practices into your daily life.


Imagine waking up every day feeling energized, centered, and balanced. Imagine feeling a deep sense of inner peace and contentment, no matter what challenges may come your way. 

Let us help you unlock the power of mindfulness and holistic healing and discover a whole new level of well-being.


Our #1 goal is to provide you with the tools and resources to assist you in making love, joy, healing and prosperity your priority; your norm.

We look at holistic wellness as a way of BEING.

We hold this body of work as sacred.

It serves as the opening to take you from here to THERE. 

It's beautifully transformative and we know for a fact that it will break you open if you allow.

This is a lifestyle.


Our commitment is to your evolution, your wholeness, and the remembrance that you are a Divine being who is truly worthy of all the goodness this life has to offer.


Meet The Founder


Jay is a Chicago native and serial entrepreneur with an impressive background ranging from business, beauty to wellness. She has dedicated her life to healing, building exceptional ideas and brands and nurturing community in spaces that are needed. 

Her expertise has led her to facilitate conversations surrounding Healing Sexual Trauma, mental health and building healthy relationships among women in the digital space, within Chicago Public Schools, non-profit organizations and churches. 

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Invest in your mind, body & Spirit like you deserve it.


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