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Apothecary Oils For The Mind, Body & Spirit

The Heal Space's Apothecary Oils are among the highest and purest  on the market today.

100% Chemical Free

No preservatives, artificial coloring, artificial scents or fragrances are added to any of our oils at any stage of the production process making it completely safe for you and even children.

100% Pure Essential Oils

To maintain healing potential, only the purest essential oils are used in our wellness oils. Some of the oils are rare and unavailable in the Unites States and imported from the oil's source country. 

100% Cold Pressed Oils

Cold compress is a natural manufacturing process of extracting oil without involving synthetic chemicals or heat above 140 degrees, which retains the beneficial fatty acids and nutrients of oil in its most natural form.

100% Intentionally Created

Each oil was thoughtfully named to cater to and promote healing within a specific mental, emotional and/or physical aspect of the body. We are proud to offer products featuring ancient Ayurvedic oils and medicinal herbs extracted from fresh coconut fruit.

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