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Start Your Therapy Journey With This List

There used to be a time where the mention of therapy brought up a lot of fear and apprehension within the black community.

Now, there's a surge of wellness programs, workshops, classes and retreats that specifically cater to black men and women and thankfully therapy is something that we no longer shy away from.

Therapy can be highly beneficial for you if you are someone who deals with anxiety, depression, day-to-day stress or if you simply need someone to talk to who can give unbiased perspective.

If you are curious or looking to being your therapy journey, below are a list of resources of therapy directories and websites to help you.

Open Path Collective is a non-profit organization in Asheville, North Carolina. The platform offers affordable therapy to individuals, couples, and families on a sliding scale between $30 and $80. It allows you to search for therapists by city, state and/or zip code. You can also search by ethnic specialty, treatment orientation, modality and more. According to Open Path, you pay a one-time membership fee which allows them to maintain their website, pursue grants and other avenues of funding, and recruit new therapists nationwide.

Therapy for Black Girls is a therapy directory started by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford who's a licensed psychologist in the state of Georgia. She specializes in working with women supporting them in the areas of break up and divorce recovery, depression, work-life balance, relationship skills, and self esteem improvement. Dr. Joy as many affectionately call her, started Therapy For Black Girls as a way to "present mental health topics in a way that feels more accessible and relevant."

The site features a directory where you can search for a black therapist in your area by entering in your city, state or zip code. The website also houses the Therapy For Black Girls Podcast speaks with a variety of wellness practitioners and covers various topics ranging from self care, breakups, depression, stress management and college life.

Psychology Today is a directory helping you locate therapist across the US. This is a free platform to find a therapist in your area. Simply type in your city, state and/or zip code.

Therapy for Black Men is providing a platform offering wellness resources, coaching and therapy for Black Men. The site is free to search therapists in your area. There's also a section on the site where men are able to share their stories as a means of transparency and vulnerability which in turn helps other men heal.

Have a wellness directory that caters to people of color that you'd like to share? Feel free to email us at



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